How Is A Business Affected By The Environment?

Although living in a high-tech world, nobody affords neglecting the environmental impact over a business. From industrialized research sites to water parks and open-air theaters, all these business must be aware of the natural factors that may temper with their activity. Understanding the risk and managing the activities accordingly is something every company should do. Adhering to ISO 14001 EMS will assure that the company is ready to reduce the negative impact natural factors have and will be able to maximize production, labor cycles and will have a greater return of investment. But first, let’s find out how nature influences a business.

Natural hazards pose a serious threat to any business. Placing office buildings or industrial installations in areas frequently affected by tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, flood or other similar events will be a big mistake. Not only will the workers be exposed to life-threatening situations, but also, the cost of insuring the assets will be high. This is why the first thing when planning a new business location will be to make sure that the location is safe and not affected by frequent extreme phenomena.

Sometimes the businesses are the ones causing the environmental problems, which in return, provide negative effects. We are talking about the waste created by plants and other industrial buildings. There are many laws which prohibit dumping byproducts in open air. Not respecting the laws will lead to not only legal consequences, but also will create unpleasant work conditions. Working near leaked toxic disposal or smelly substances will certainly modify any worker’s behavior. The overall result will be reduced productivity and a greater risk of being sued, by either authorities or workers.

When a business depends on the natural resources of an area, things get a bit complicated. It first depends on the used resource, mainly if it can be regenerated or not. It is totally different to work with gold, silver or coal, which will be depleted, eventually and there is a total different story to work with trees or fish, like salmon, which can be regenerated (if there is a proper seed or breed management).

Another aspect, which is usually neglected, is wildlife. The specific fauna of an area can have a great unexpected impact over a business. For example, rodents can chew all sorts of cables and created really dangerous situations. And wild predators can even pose serious threats to a company’s workers. This is why nature must not be neglected when overseeing business operations.